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Deep Myofascial Release
Treatment of Choice for Pain Syndromes

Deep Myofascial Release (DMR) is an effective treatment method for a wide variety of conditions, including repetitive strain injury, neck and back pain, shoulder, knee or foot pain, and fibromyalgia.

The cause may be an acute injury, or chronic damage related to one's job or recreational activities. Most people also have fibrous adhesions related to abnormal body postures they have held for years, as part of their "emotional anatomy", causing the soft tissues to "freeze" into place. In each case, microscopic tears in the fascial soft tissues are the result.

These microscopic tears cause scar tissue to form- fibrous adhesions- in the body's fascia, a body-wide net of soft tissue that envelops and includes elements of the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerve sheaths. Movement in the area is limited by this shortened tissue. Inflammation sets in, tissue waste removal is reduced, and tissue nutrition suffers. The tissue shortens, and a negative cycle begins, in which proper strength and mobility is never re-established. Pain levels increase, over a larger and larger area.

Until these fibrous adhesions are properly treated, these conditions will not heal effectively. DMR is the ONLY treatment which is effectively treating fibrous adhesions. DMR is used to treat Olympic athletes, professional musicians and dancers, and players in the NFL and NBA!

DMR sessions are one hour, HANDS-ON treatments. The WHOLE body is treated, to balance the WHOLE person. The work is slow and relaxing, but it is NOT massage. DMR actively involves the patient, who may perform active movements as part of the work, to maximize its effectiveness.

The soft tissues are lengthened, and reorganized into a more effective pattern. The muscles are balanced, so that patients move more freely, and feel a bit taller. Strength is improved, as is posture, and pain is diminished. Emotional affect increases. As work progresses, rehab and Feldenkrais exercises are added, to further improve strength and motion.

The results are almost instantaneous. Chronic low back pain or carpal tunnel typically respond quickly and progressively. Chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, massage and physical therapies are all incorporated, to maximize the value of the treatments. DMR restores individual freedom, for a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle.

Deep myofascial release- faster, more effective, and long-lasting!


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