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Your body is a map, reflecting all of your life experiences - your injuries, the effects of
work, home life and leisure activities. Even your emotional history, its traumas, stress and
conflicts take part in turning your biography into your physiology.

The most effective treatment addresses your health holistically, with a unique combination of techniques designed to maximize healing.

The Art of Living Health Program begins with the healing relationship between doctor and patient. Mindful listening, authentic support and a safe “container” in which to work together allow for successful healing.

Your personalized treatment regimen includes:
Step 1. Physical Healing
for relief, re-alignment and relaxation.
Step 2. Emotional Healing
to access deep-level healing and insight.

Step 3. Self Healing
for rehabilitation and prevention.

The result is Total Living Health, getting to the cause of your problems, rather than treating symptoms alone.


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