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"I came to Dr. Drier for help with knee pain, shoulder pain and back pain, and his treatments have not only helped with all of these ailments, but with intestinal problems, as well. I love getting my tune-ups!"
- Jack F.

"Dr. Drier was the first doctor I went to (and I have gone to many) who made sense, explaining his work, and helping me with arm pain and edema where others had failed."
- Mildred R.

"My 7-year-old daughter and I have both had regular treatments with Dr. Drier for a year now and I can't imagine going to anyone else for relief from a variety of nuisance ailments... he is that good. My daughter absolutely loves the sessions."
- Jacqueline H.

"After years of neck pain, I finally feel relief and hope. I'm able to have a life without having to limit what I do because of pain."
- Julie F.

"I came to Dr. Drier for a painful fibromyalgia condition. Dr. Drier's personalized treatment plan has made a huge difference. I have more energy and less pain. Thanks Dr. D.!"
- Jackie G.

"I am an active professional musician, a violinist and symphony conductor. Thanks to Dr. David Drier's treatments, lifestyle advice, and recommended stretching program for at home, I function marvelously in all of my activities."
- Ed S., 92- year-old musician



"Dr. Drier has treated me for a host of problems, from knee pain, arm and shoulder pain, bronchitis and venous insufficiency. His personal approach and combination of treatments has allowed me to keep teaching, playing music and biking. I can recommend Dr. Drier to anyone who wants results".
- Ed S., 92- year-old musician
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