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Lymph Drainage Therapy
Natural Fluid Management

"What is softest on earth overcomes what is hardest. The more serious an affection, the easier it is to heal by gentle means." -Lao Tse

Lymph drainage therapy has powerful cleansing, relaxing pain relieving and immunological effects. In its manual form, it is a gentle, flowing rhythmic massage. In any form, it can be applied to a wide range of pathologies, to great effect.

Lymph drainage is used primarily to promote the optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system. Lymph drainage therapy facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large rpotein molecules and foreign substances from connective tissue via the initial lymph vessels and venous capillaries.

Lymph drainage therapt relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain, and enhances the activity of the immune system. It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of problems, including edema, skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, sprains and aches, stress, digestive disorders, and pre- and post-surgery, to remove tissue congestion and minimize scar tissue formation. It is especially useful as part of a post-mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure, with or without axillary lymph node removal, to reduce edema and fibrosis, and to relieve pain and tension.

The lymph vessel system is responsible for carrying excess water, proteins and waste products from the connective tissue back to the blood stream, and maintaining blood volume. This includes the by-products of inflammation, dead cells and toxins, and the lymphatic system connects to virtually every cell in your body. During the transportation process the ymph is cleansed, filtered and concentrated, with many immune reactions occurring in the lymph nodes, as lymphocytes are harbored in the lymph nodes.

Lymphatic vesels are found throughout the body, in parallel with the capillary system. The vessels are as small in diameter as the capillaries, and the nodes are about the size of a pea. If you picture a string with knots strung along its length, the string is the lymph vessel, and the knots are the lymph nodes.

If the pathways become congested, damaged or severed, then fluids and toxins can build up in the connective tissue and eventually cell pathology may begin. Cellular oxygenation and nourishment is reduced, as is waste elimination. Toxins eventually penetrate the cells and create the symptoms of chronic disease. So lymph drainage can enhance recovery rates, by removing toxins and wastes, boosting immunity through increased lymphocyte production, increasing cell oxygenation and reducing inflammation.

As our culture's dietary norms stress the lymphatic system with excess wastes and toxins, and too little fluid, most of us have sluggish lymphatic systems. This causes more anaerobic metabolism to occur, with more waste products, and less energy. A self-perpetuating cycle begins. For this reason, ANY patient can benefit from lymph drainage as part of a general detoxification program. This can improve energy, increase cellular oxygenation and nourishment, and build immunity.

Lymph flow is stimulated by a number of elements, including internal stimulation, arterial pulse, respiration, peristalsis and exercise. Aerobic exercise is the one variable you can use on your own to stimulate lymph flow.

Otherwise, lymph flow can be stimulated by either manual lymphatic drainage therapy, through triggering the receptors in the lymph vessels to increase lymph flow, or through an electrical means, in which a stream of negative ions changes the cell wall's tissue charge, effecting the pressure gradient, to release waste products.

Manual lymph drainage therapy is extremely gentle and feels wonderful and relaxing. The majority of patients either fall asleep or go into a highly relaxed sate, due to the slow, gentle rhythmic motions involved in the technique, which increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system- the part of your nervous system which is most active during sleep.

Electro-lymphatic therapy uses a light beam generator, which emits a stream of negative ions (photons), known for their anti-bacterial, anti-micribial properties. This light beam improves the lymph flow through neutralizing the charge on the cell wall, so that waste products are released, while causing molcules in the blood and lymph to spread out more, allowing for more viscous flow of the blood and lymph.

Lymph therapy is not only effective for a variety of problems; it is extremely relaxing and gentle. So mix improved health with a mini-vacation! Sample a treatment today!


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