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Body-centered Psych/Therapy
Healing the Soul Through the Body

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern psychotherapy." - John Bradshaw, psychotherapist and best-selling author

Your body is your true unconscious mind, the place where your unique physical and emotional history becomes a dynamic body structure. Our many traumas, and repressed emotions, are turned into a pattern of chronic muscular binding and reduced breathing, which limits our emotional life and sense of aliveness. Our core beliefs about life protect us in many ways, but also keep out much of the love and acceptance we long for. These unconscious beliefs organize our experience, cause us unnecessary suffering, distort reality and limit our ability to enjoy a full, happy life. Until we make these deep unconscious "rules" conscious, we remain stuck in our old habits and choices.

Fortunately, we also possess instinctive tools for unlocking these blocks to our freedom. While it is true that "our biography becomes our biology", there are effective methods for increasing our awareness, breaking out of limiting emotional patterns, and re-inhabiting our bodies and our lives in a fuller, more meaning-filled way.

  • Body-Centered Psych/Therapy offers a way out of the imprisoning effects of our own limiting beliefs and experiences. By combining Hakomi Therapy techniques and bodywork with mindfulness, loving presence and dialogue, you can access, understand and release the emotions which "live" in your body, for improved energy, joy and awareness. New beliefs become possible, and new choices become available to you.
  • Body-Centered Psych/Therapy is a powerful, effective therapeutic technique, integrating mindfulness and non-violence with elements of Hakomi, Gestalt and Reichian therapies, Feldenkrais technique, Focusing and body-oriented methods. Body-Centered Psych/Therapy works at the mind-body interface, producing healing through experiential self-study.
  • Body-Centered Psych/Therapy is a psychology of awakening to our authentic selves. Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to Body-Centered Psych/Therapy. You will develop your sensitivity and self-attunement, to both conscious and unconscious internal states and content, in a setting of safety, support and cooperation.
  • Body-Centered Psych/Therapy is body-centered. The body is a door that can be opened to reveal your whole character and belief system. Much of this information is difficult to access through talk therapy alone. Through the body and present, felt experience, the deeply held, unconscious beliefs which shape our lives and relationships can be easily and safely accessed. Safe, supportive techniques facilitate the emergence of these hidden patterns into consciousness, where they can be directly exeprienced and transformed. As the memories, feelings and experiences which formed your core beliefs surface, they are worked with gently and effectively, enabling you to integrate entire new dimensions of exoerience and awareness.
"Hakomi is an excellent system for developing key emotional intelligence skills."
- Daniel Goleman, author of the best-seller "Emotional Intelligence"
  • Body-Centered Psych/Therapy is based on a set of principles, which are followed closely in session work:
  • Unity: everything, and everyone, is inter-connected. We are living, organic systems, integral wholes, made up of parts, and are ourselves part of larger systems. All of these levels, from the intra-psychic and interpersonal, to the levels of family, culture and spirit are inter-connected.
  • Organicity: healing is natural, organic and instinctive. All the parts of our system communicate with the whole, and this system is self-directed and self-healing, with an inner wisdom.
  • Mindfulness: paying attention to the present moment. A state of alert, relaxed observation of present sensations, feelings, thoughts, images or memories, as they are being experienced. This state allows us to develop a non-judgmental inner "witness", bringing new insights to the surface, and making new choices available to us.
  • Mind/Body Holism: mind and body are one. Our body is our unconscious mind, and our movements, breathing, posture and tone of voice all portray our unconscious core beliefs about the world and ourselves in life. They can be accessed to learn how we organize our experience.
  • Non-Violence: remaining in loving presence, without an agenda. Working in a safe, cooperative environment, organic change can be honored and facilitated by the client and practitioner, allowing whatever needs to happen to occur. Defenses are befriended and supported for their wisdom, rather than broken, and are allowed to yield only when the are ready to.

By working within these principles, Body-Centered Psych/Therapy allows you to be the expert on your own experience. Through various accessing methods and mindfulness, deep organizing content is made conscious. As core organizing beliefs are encountered, they can be re-organized to create more satisfying experiences, through the completion of unresolved issues, and the creation of new beliefs. The result is increased aliveness, joy and awareness, and a fuller life.

"The goal of therapy is not any particular experience. It is a change which organizes all experience differently- a change in the way of experiencing."
- Ron Kurtz, author of "Body-Centered Psychotherapy"

Some of the results one may receive from Body-Centered Psych/Therapy:
  • Greater mindfulness, including more non-judgmental curiosity about oneself and others.
  • More compassion, joy, energy and awareness, for oneself and others.
  • Healing of old traumas and unresolved issues, freeing up tension and energy.
  • A more joyful, embodied experience, living fully in one's body, with more aliveness and verve.
  • A deeper understanding of oneself and the unconscious beliefs which organize your life.
  • New resources and tools for self-healing and growth, allowing for new choices and habits.
  • A direct, felt experience of being seen, heard and accepted, as one is, with nothing to "prove".
  • A new sense of integrity, as the many parts of yourself become grounded in Unity.

Body-Centered Psych/Therapy is gentle and relaxed, utilizing your natural intelligence and self-healing abilities to bring about healing and change. The tools you develop will serve you for a lifetime. Experience your body/mind's inner wisdom, and start your journey of self-exploration today!


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